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Server Rules

We are so commited into making this server RIGHT for you and for that very reason, we can not spare any attention to babysit toxic players. If you break the rules, we won't warn you, we won't temporarily ban you, we won't reach out to you, what we will do instead is permanently ban you, period.

To encourage you to learn of the rules and abide by them we have put them here as shortly and as clear as possible, please read them carefully:

  • Player Harassments are answered with an immediate permanent account ban. A valid harassment is anything that's said or done solely out of hate and malice, an example for this is producing and rumouring lies about a player to damage their image in the server… In the opposite, stating facts or sharing opinions, even if negative, for example saying: “I think you are a noob, You're a jerk, Go learn how to play!…” is not an insult, but if you feel offended, you still have the option to ignore or mute with the command /ex playerName.
    • When a player insults you, the best course of action you can take is not to respond back, but take screenshots and send them privately to any GM either in forums or in Discord and enjoy watching the ban hammer fall on them.
  • Botting is NOT allowed! and is only answered with permanent ban. Repetitive botting will result to permanent bans to all accounts that belong to the same player, even the accounts that did not bot.
    • AFK farming with homunculus is okay. As long as no 3rd party software is involved, it is part of the game, right?
  • Monsters are free for all, including summonable mvps like Ktullanux and Memory of Thanatos or monsters summoned by Bloody Branches. If you want privacy, alone, with your party or with your guild, you can rent private mvp rooms, you can find more information about that here: Private MVP Rooms
    • To ensure your loots safety, these commands are enabled: @autoloot, @alootid, @autoloottype
  • Automated Events and Battlegrounds account dualing is NOT okay. We have already took measures to prevent that, but if a player manages to find a way around and abuse them, such abuse will be answered with permanent account bans.
    • Repetitive AFKing in Battlegrounds is also NOT okay.
  • Exploitable bugs should be reported immediately and privately to GMs either in the forums or in Discord. If we find that you have been exploiting bugs, you are going to be permanently banned.
  • Account sharing is done at your own risk and you are fully responsible for the actions taken by whom you're sharing your account with.
    • This also includes lending items and zeny to other players, it is all done at your own risk.
  • 3rd Party Softwares are both okay and NOT okay depending on the advantage gained. Generally softwares that surpass the client limits are NOT okay, examples for that are softwares that detect hidden players or cast skills with no client delay… In the contrary, softwares that don't surpass such limits and just make the gameplay more convenient are generally okay. You can find a list of such softwares, shared by Yittoo, in here: Useful Softwares
  • GM decisions are final. If you like it, it's good, and if you don't, there's the door (sorry for the harsh language, but it's needed, don't take it personal). Of course you can appeal certain decisions by discussing them with us, but if it ends up with something you don't like, you have to understand that the final say is ours and ours alone.
    • We encourage you to give us the chance to at least help you understand before you decide to leave or get a permanent ban for misbehaving.

Please note that our Server Rules are not limited to what's in here, just because something is not stated, it does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense, any action that hurts an other is NOT okay and it shall result in punishment nevertheless.

Once a player is banned, any further misbehaviours will be totally ignored. You're free to start your little drama, but don't expect us to be part of it.

We love being nice to you, we will always help you beyond what you would expect, but if you cross the line that is clearly described here, we will very sadly have to ban you.

Last Updated: January 2019

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