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Private MVP Rooms

You can rent a room for 120 minutes for 25m Zeny to either use your own Bloody Branches or Summon MVPs paying with MVP Vouchers.

MVP Vouchers are obtainable from the Quests NPC for Zeny or from the cash shop.

You can rent the room either for yourself alone, your party or even your whole guild for the same cost.

You can re-enter as many times as you wish as long as the rent has not expired.

Available Bosses to Summon (3 MVP Vouchers):

  • Beelzebub
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram
  • Gloom Under Night
  • Ifrit
  • Kiel D-01
  • Lady Tanee
  • Thanatos
  • Valkyrie Randgris
  • Wounded Morroc
  • Pori Pori
  • Memory of Thanatos

Available Mini Bosses to Summon (1 MVP Voucher):

  • Angeling
  • Archangeling
  • Dark Illusion
  • Deviling
  • Ghostring
  • Maya Purple
  • Tendrilion
  • Valkyrie

Walk Through

The NPC is located in: prontera 146 153

It will ask you to pick one of the available rooms

and choose the type of rent, your party, your guild, or just you (all are for the same cost which is 25m Zeny)

Now you enter the room

Talk to Cat Summoner to choose what to do

I summoned Tao Gunka

Oh I got a card!

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