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2019 March Monthly Update

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Update Summary:

  • Increased Hocus Pocus skill chance of summoning MVPs dramatically. Requested by xVoices. screenRightRO000.jpg
  • Bridge Ambush Instance Rewards have been changed to:
    • 50x Guarana Candy
    • 50x Sesame Pastry
    • 50x Honey Pastry
    • 50x HaloHalo
  • Slotted Sunglasses is now obtained from the quests NPC (Soloable, so you don't need a party to get it from the instance as before).
  • Gold Coins Reward in Zombie Massacre Instance has been increased from 10 to 50 and Mega Resist Potion from 10 to 50 and Speed Potion from 50 to 200.
  • Battleground Badges are now tradabale.
  • Requested quests added:
    • RTC First Place Hat
    • Archangeling Hat
    • Charming Ribbon
    • Darkness Helm
    • Slotted Sunglasses
    • Beach Manteau
    • Beach Sandals

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