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2018 December Monthly Update

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Update Summary

  • New Prontera Map.
  • City Guide NPC to help you find NPCs around new Prontera.
  • PK Shop is now opened through the PVP Warper.
  • New Costumes on PK Shop.
  • New PVP Map: Warehouse.
  • New Instance: Night City.
  • Private MVP Rooms now have a new custom map to feel more original.
  • Memory of Thanatos added to Private MVP Rooms.
  • Zombie Massacre Instance Updated: monsters HP is lowered and 50 speed potions are added to the rewards.
  • Trivia Instance Updated: Monsters in Trivia 3 have been remarkably decreased so it's more convenient.
  • Enchant Armor NPC talk is minimized and the enchanting progress bar is now much quickier.
  • Slot Enchanters NPCs (Seiyablem and Leablem) talk is minimized.
  • Alice's Nightmare Instance Updated: The final boss now drops 2 bloody branch boxes (10pcs).
  • Lord Knight, 3rd job sprite dragon mount is fixed.
  • WOW Battleground points to win have been decreased from 30 to 12 and the rewards increased from 6 to 9.
  • WOE on Saturday is set to SE.
  • Emperium is changed to plant protocol with 200 HP (40 seconds to break with 190aspd, 20 seconds with double daggers assassin).
  • Nydhoggur's Shadow Instance 4 hours cooldown is removed as well.
  • Oridecon and Elunium weight is now set to 1 to make refining more convenient.
  • Cursed Water added to Tool Dealer as requested.
  • New Quests Costumes and 1 requested Upper Headgear added.
  • New Costumes on the Lucky Machine and Cashshop.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements to make your gaming experience more convenient.
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