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2018 December 24th: Christmas Update

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Update Summary

  • Christmas Town Themes added - will only remain during christmas. Towns affected:
    • Prontera
    • Geffen
    • Izlude
    • Alberta
    • Hugel
  • New Instance: Elemental Randgris - Rewards: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind Essenses (Requirements for Genetic Liyah Quests near the entrance), MVP Card Album, Bloody Branch Box(10pcs), Excalibur, Mail Breaker, Executioner, Swordbreaker: 
  • Genetic Liyah Quests are (All of them only work vs monsters: Sleipnir, Megingard, Mjolnir, Brisingamen, Brynhild, Asprika) - Quests Requirements Sheet made by Yittoo.
  • Lucky Machine added in the Market Place. Each play costs 250 Gold Coin. You can get a lot of prizes and they are updated at the end of every month with every monthly update. For the list of current prizes talk to the NPC in The Market Place map through the warper.
  • @restock command added. When your usable items are used it will restock them from storage, how it works: @restock itemID itemID itemID... - The command costs 1 Mithirl Coin.
  • Trivia Instance has became easier: reduced summoned monsters in level 2, and made the fail chances in level 3 unlimited.
  • New Costumes added to the Cash Shop - Every month from now on new costumes will be added and old costumes may be removed from the cash shop and the lucky machine. In the cash shop, the Limited Tab = will be removed next update.
  • Now you can save your stats and switch them with only one click for FREE. The service is added to the stats resetter NPC in Prontera.
  • Top PVP Ranking system now only works inside pvp maps to prevent cheating.
  • Basic NPCs have been added to all towns and @go coordinates have been adjusted accordingly so every town is now ready to become your base.
  • Korean Race Cake and Light Blue Potion prices on the Tool Dealer have been increased by 3x - Alternatively you can get 1000pcs of supplies for only 10 BattleGround badges from the BattleGround Shop.
  • Santa Claus Quests Event in Prontera: You need to help Santa to make cool costumes as rewards - The Event will end on 10th January, you will keep the costumes but the NPC will disappear. Red Stocking and Christmas Hat requirements are dropped by Santa Poring in Prontera. During the Event, there are always 5 Santa Porings roaming in Prontera.
  • Nydhogger's Shadow Instance 4 hour cooldown is removed.
  • Dualing Client in Auto Events Maps has been disabled.
  • New Market Place Map - Lucky Machine NPC, Coin Exchanger NPC and PoD Exchanger NPC have been moved from Prontera to the New Market Place Map. You can get there through the warper.
  • Odin Mask Costume added to the Quests NPC as requested by a player.
  • and several minor fixes, adjustments done to make your gaming experience smoother.

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