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Donation Information

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Cash Points Rate

The Cash Point rate is 100 Cash Point per 1 Dollar.

and +20% Cash Points bonus. Why? I don't really know! I gave +20% bonus points to the first donor and the next (to be fair), and the next, and the next and I just continued... x).

How to Donate

For the time being, it's only possible to donate through Paypal:

  • Login to your Paypal account.
  • In the top menu, click on Tools, then on Send Money.
  • Choose "Pay for goods and services" if you don't have the option to "Send money to family and friends" and put this email address to receive the donation: donate@therightroserver.com
  • In the add note, please write the character name that you wish to receive the cash points reward for the donation.

The Cash Points will be added to the noted character's account in a few hours if not a few minutes.

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