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Server Information (everything about the server in one place)

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General Information

  • Stable Server with long term plans. New players can easily catch up and that's the beauty of RightRO
  • 99/70, Pre-Renewal (Trans Classes are the max - NO 3rd classes at all, but you can change your class outfit on the dresser NPC to 3rd class outfits or to the new jRO outfits).
  • 50x,50x, 100% drop rate for everything except Boss cards, Boss cards drop rate is 5%.
  • We do not have custom equipments and we never will, everything is just as in ratemyserver.net pre-renewal database with the couple adjusted exceptions mentioned here.
  • All costumes in game have no effects.
  • NPCs: Healer, Job Changer, Stats Manager, Warper, Quests NPC, PVP Warper... and more!
  • Commands: @warp, @go, @storage, @autoloot, @alootid, @jump, @allskill, @noks, @restock, @joinbg... and more!
  • Donation shop only contains costumes and usable items.
  • Server Time: GMT+0
  • WoE Time: Saturdays from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC Time.
  • Battleground Happy Hour: Sundays from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC Time.


  • A lot of quests
  • A lot of Instances and PvM content: 
  • Seasonal Updates: 
  • Battlegrounds: 
  • Private MVP Rooms: 
  • Automatic Events: 
  • Top Monthly Players: 
  • All Inventory Refiner
  • Hourly Rewards: Gold Coin every hour of online time, Bubble Gum every 12 hours.
  • Dresser NPC (3rd class outfits including the new jRO outfits).

Custom Cards Adjustment

  • Memory of Thanatos card doesn't work in pvp and gvg maps.
  • Golden Thief Bug card effect is reduced to 50% in pvp and gvg maps.
  • Doppelganger card effect is increased by 3x everywhere.

Other Small Adjustments

  • Gypsy/Clown solo dancing skills duration is limitless until no SP is left instead of 3~2 minutes original duration, so it's convenient while dual clienting.
  • Cooked foods do not disappear upon character death just like cash foods.
  • No Arrow/Bullet Consumption.
  • Summoning MVPs chance with Hocus Pocus skill is greatly increased.
  • Oridecon and Elunium weight is set to 1 to make refining more convenient.
  • Ashes of Darkness item for Endless Tower Instance is tradabale.
  • Battleground Badge is tradabale.
  • War of Emperium Adjustments: 

Server Rules




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