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2018 October Monthly Update

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Update Summary

  • All MVP cards now have full effects against monsters including Golden Thief Bug and Memory of Thanatos Cards. Memoroy of Thanatos Card is now droppable.
  • Assassin Spirit (Sinx Link) is disabled in PVP.
  • Emperium Test Room with rankings.
  • A more convenient Damage Testing Zone instead of the Punshing Bag.
  • New Valkyrie Shield costume sprite obtained from "Angry Kid" beside Bridge Ambush NPC (Same shield just with a costume cute sprite).
  • New Elite MVP Challenge Level (Level 3) with bio3 mvps (From level 20 to 25 the chance of summoning a bio3 MVP is 100%).
  • New MVP Killers Ranking NPC with a monthly reward of large amounts of Zeny to the top 3 every month.
  • Alice's nightmare side quest now gives up to 15 bloody branches in one go.
  • Pori Pori is summonable in the Rented MVP Rooms and Pori Pori's armors can be exchanged to their slotted versions in the quests NPC (Equipments).
  • MVP Rooms Rent Time is increased from 60 minutes to 120 minutes for the same price.
  • New PVP Maps added and they are changed every 30 minutes in the PVP Warper. Izlude PVP Airchip problem is fixed.
  • New Items in the Tool Dealer as requested in Discord (Condensed White Potions - Abrasive - Panacea).
  • New Headgears Quests as requested (Skull Cap - Anubis Helm - Love China - Parade Hat - Crown of Deceit - Costume Helm - Costume Takius Blindfold - Costume Large Ribbon Muffler) and a lot of other minor requests/fixes done that are self explanatory in game to make your gaming experience smoother.

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