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2018 September Monthly Update

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Update Summary

  • New custom skill icons (in the right of the screen) to make your game experience better and easier
    • Emergency Call Cooldown
    • Pneuma
    • Bragi
    • Don't forget me
    • Assassin of the Sunset
    • Apple of the idun
  • Glorious equipments added to the battleground shop
  • Sealed Shrine instance activated and Cursed Doll is in Gigantic Bapho Horns quest requirements
  • New Instance added to replace Infinite Space: Bridge Ambush: 
  • Nidhoggur's Nest Instance cool down removed
  • Elite MVP Challenge Instance: Increased high tier monsters spawn rate in Level 2 (only the last 10 monsters/20)
  • 67 new quest added most of have been requested on Discord
  • Emperium breakers and enemy kills during WoE are now map announced-- and a lot more similar minor improvements, fixes and requests done.

Some Screenshots



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