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2019 January 18th: Battlegrounds Update 2

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Update Summary:

  • Battleground is now joined with ID <@joinbg Arena_ID>, so multiple BG modes can be played at the same time and you don't have to wait for the rotation and also to minimize the announcements - No more rotation announcements.
  • Battleground minimum team members to start is set to 3 for all modes, except Triple Inferno, it's 2. Either it rolls decently or it doesn't roll.
  • New Battleground Rankings System
    • The Rankings will reset every 3 months, and the top players will receive great rewards (The rewards are still to be decided, suggestions are welcome!)
  • Added Restocking Ticket to the Battleground Shop for 10 badges, and @Restock command now restocks both the Usable items and Misc items like Blue Gemstones...etc.
  • Fixed Sharp Shooting Skill
  • Sanctuary Skill is temporarily disabled in WoE/BG maps until it's edited to heal only 1 on WoE/BG Targets in the coming update, for more information check: 
  • Cards and equipments with custom adjustments now have the adjustments mentioned in their descriptions in game as requested so it's clearer.

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