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New Battlegrounds Testing - Coming to Main Server on the 10th of January 2019

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We are currently testing the new battlegrounds as suggested by "lkjewq" on Discord:


It is scheduled to be added to the main server on the 10th of January.

This is the wiki of what we got so far: https://therightroserver.com/wiki/doku.php?id=battlegrounds (It is still being updated)

You are more than welcome to join us on the test server and test with us:


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Yittoo's feedback so far:

  • fixing announcements. it spams reinforcements entering battle in bg while it shouldnt. (it only happens in rush/conquest i think, didn't notice on others)
  • fixing global bg announcements, at current state everyone would @listenbg close it, It should announce when there is at least 1 person in queue waiting and battleground mode shift should happen once in 30~90 seconds
  • if not (as i see right now not) emp and barricades(didnt test this one) should be plant protocol
  • maybe "@go bg" and "@go battleground" would take you to bg main area (a feature i saw in another server before)
  • adding a protocol that you can not @joinbg after first 3-5 minutes so that people can not abuse last minute entering
  • blocking duals as final fix
  • this erundek(catalog npc) is horrible what we had earlier as a shop was way better we should bring him back
  • if possible we should (maybe in future) have conquest or rush trigger on  3v3, else full tank classes will be way to go in bg.
  • eye of storm capture time takes ages(like 50seconds - should be more like 15) also point income is too low for it to be brief and fun should be up 1.5 times.
  • cash shop button is right above scoreboard, if possible maybe hide the cashshop button in bg maps? or change it's location?
  • restock tickets from bg
  • if woe is not happening on a woe day, bg should have happy hour 2x on that time for 1 hour maybe(making it too long might kill the bg during the week period)
  • random times in server bg should have happy hour like 2 or 3 times a day for 1 hour long.
  • considering changing player's speed to +%50 and make it fix on that (except for agi down maybe both works.), this has 1upside 1 downside. 1st is newbies who do not have movement gear will be able to match others, downside is people wont need to sacrifice in order to get movement speed. So gray area here.
  • if we are adding guarana candy we should make sure animation cancel on it has to be removed (else stuff like 10sharpshoot a sec or even worse 10 sonic blows a sec can be possible with scripts)
  • either disable team deathmatch or reduce the kill count to 10-20
  • domination capture time is 50 seconds, maybe it should be less aswell (since it has 3 flags unlike eye of storm the income from flags are okay i think.)
  • right now the time spent inside bg is not considered for badges won
  • bossnia guardian locations are not shown - i couldnt even find where guardian is walked around alot but didn't see any.
  • healer/repair/buffer npc in each bg dead waiting room (i saw some have it but bossnia does not)
  • in conquest the guardian stones are plant protocol but has original hp i think(since stones won't break i couldnt test barricades or emp)
  • same a team deathmatch; tripple inferno's 80 kill count is too many maybe 20-30 is more appropriate
  • tripple inferno's scoreboard is wrong has 2 teams in it.
  • Can't devo team member


Zain Edit: Everything has been processed and done

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will edit this further if necessary:

emp 200hp magic immune however gets full damage


Zain Edit: Fixed, it is plant protocol now.

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