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  1. reason for that is you need to have exactly 1 of the armor to avoid random takings. It does not matter if you equip or not but you need to storage rest of them to be able to enchant. It is same for all enchanting processes.
  2. yittoo

    Feedback from you

    For example valentine's day themed update, a questline that revolves around that. Same for easter etc. Instead of a normal anything related themed content. But yeah the results only would be viable after there's good portion of contribution, so far there is 100% vote on 2-4 people instances(and bg which is already done) so I guess I'll be aiming on that for next pvm update.
  3. yittoo


    im okay for between 12-23 UTC (server time). Tho idk my guildies so yeah, personal decleration here
  4. yittoo

    Headgear Requests

    Rwc copper currently is available in headgewr list as for silver and gold we do have it on list however zain was planning on it to be rewarded throughout by an instance or something special. Of course i do not know what his final decision would be Typed from phone ignore typos
  5. Due to feedback from community I had necessity to create the poll above. The poll will be open till 27th of January and the results will only be accepted if there is good portion of participation rather than 2-3 people (else you can write here why you want it changed) If you want other timezone BG happy hours added to be changed +/- 2 hours feel free to comment here (leave either the country name or timezone as GMT during your request please) Please be considerate that mass of happy hours would kill the BG activity which is why we only have 3 happy hours a day.
  6. yittoo

    Stax Here, Hey Guys!

    ❤️ my kinda person. learnt a little bit of spanish in 6 months before going to cuba. Found cheapest local places with spanish(ate the best biggest burger for 1usd only) =D languages really help
  7. yittoo

    Develon desu

  8. yittoo

    Heyo yit here

  9. yittoo

    Feedback from you

    I understand it however it's designed that way. Also compared to trigger frequency of it compared to other events I believe it's okay, it gives variation in content. Otherwise a person that can type fastest would win all possible events etc. What can be done is maybe have poring race event in future as extra compared to our own events then reduce density of each individual event to match same as today.
  10. yittoo

    Feedback from you

    We have a suggestion chat channel in discord however you can also post here but this topic is more about your feedback, we do what we do because we enjoy seeing other people enjoying the content we create. After doing the poll I'd appreciate if you elaborate your answers as a reply. You can also criticize us in a positive way.
  11. yittoo

    Guess I'm the first?

    sup mike, welcome aboard!
  12. yittoo

    Heyo yit here

    Well I've been playing here for months. Most of you know me already but here it goes: Yit here from Turkey aged 23 (my real name is hard to pronounce for some people so yeah i use yit). I've always loved RO(sometimes too much). I've a perfectionist characteristics(applies to my gameplay aswell) which is easily noticeable after spending 1-2hours with me(Boy, people loved doing group projects with me when I was in high school/college because I was a double control freak, they mostly did no work ._. ) . Apart from my job(which hardly takes my time since I've created a system to minimalize developement of a new project I'm given - also can give a quick info on renewable energy sector if you're interested :P ), I'm voluntarily developing stuff for our server(I kinda love learning everything there's to learn in life so working with Zain gives me alot of information and experience on back-end of RO). I love almost love all types of music but adore Jazz and Classical (can go on and on about history of it for hours), although I can't play any instruments I'm hell of a dancer. I've learnt waltz when I was little, and been learning various latin dances for last 5 years (I can shake da booty). I've loved writing stories(and even an unpublished novel) so creating custom instances give me an option to write little background stories aswell. So yeah, I'm acting community manager right now. I'm at your service.
  13. yittoo

    Useful Softwares

    Hello everyone below I'll be listing softwares related to game. I'll explain their main use, and how to implement them. They are allowed on our server. 1) RO Ext: Most servers already implement this onto their full patchers. But in case you have never used it, it's very simple. Download the roext from following link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ymfjigxmwyz/roext.rar or http://therightroserver.com/roext.rar Extract the content inside into your ragnarok folder(if it asks to override you probably already have it) To edit roext's contents open dinput.ini and from there it's self explanatory really. 2) MirAI: This is every alchemist/creator players wet dream, you already probably know what it is but in case you don't this program allows you to change your homunculus's behaviour according to monsters. Older versions of mirAI currently do not work on our up-to-date rAethana client so you need this. https://www.mediafire.com/file/11q64psjltj1bf1/Mirai_v1_2_2.rar/file or http://therightroserver.com/Mirai_v1_2_2.rar To install simply copy and paste into your ro folder and overwrite AI and AI_sakray folders accordingly, to edit homunculus behaviour in each AI file there is user_AI inside that folder there is config.exe, you can edit behaviour there. After you are done editing to use custom ai simply type "/hoai" command in game and hit @refresh (or change map/flywing/jump/relog etc.) 3) SimpleRO Hook (aka. RCX): This is a wonderful software that allows you to see area effects of skills in game with colored squares which you designate. "But why?" you might ask, simple in big woes allowing regular effects might cause lagg but with this, there's none. https://www.mediafire.com/file/f18f11ce2a86fpb/yigitrcxnew_rohook.rar/file or http://therightroserver.com/yigitrcxnew_rohook.rar To install extract files to a directory of client folder then run "SimpleROHookCS.exe" as administrator, now in order for this client to recognize your ro window you need to rename "therightroserver.exe" in your Right RO folder to "ragexe.exe", this is because this program is meant for one of the official servers and unlike in RCX you can not edit the target client's directory. Once those steps are done you can run your RO client and Hook will start to work. To edit color codes you need basic HTML color code knowledge and edit in config.ini in the rar you have downloaded.(the colors are set by me for most important stuff so it's to your liking from that point on.) 4) yit.grf This is a grf I'm currently using. I have collected sprites from grf's I have liked over past and combined them. It includes big mvps, different skill circle, different skill effects and much more cool stuff. Sources: thoth.grf, eboshersmod.grf, calii.grf, desu.grf, btg.grf, yeos.grf https://www.mediafire.com/file/qpxvifr051v6ssj/yit.grf/file or http://therightroserver.com/yit.grf Simply download the grf and put it into your ro folder, there is also edited bio3 mvp sprites but you have to also edit other stuff for that you can google that if you want on "how to edit bio3 mvp sprites". After puting it in your ro folder open data.ini in your ro folder and add line 0=yit.grf and increase rest of the grf's numerics by one so that it becomes 0,1,2,3,4,5 and so on... 5) sak.grf Same as above, this grf removes textures from almost everymap can be used together with other grfs. Added this aswell cause apparently regular links across google results are dead. http://www.mediafire.com/file/n1p58h5bfl7gwwc/SAK.grf/file