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  1. Stax

    Stax Here, Hey Guys!

    Hi RightRO Community! The name is Michael from the Philippines, 24 of age. I love playing RO even though there are already good games out there. There's something with playing RO that gets me hooked, not just the nostalgic feeling of reliving the good'ol days, I just can't pinpoint it. been playing since the official server and too many private servers. Love watching anime (of course, who doesn't?), currently in the industry of Information Technology (specifically web development, but kinda a newbie since this is not my forte), trying to learn different languages(mandarin,japanese,korean) because I like talking (yeah I'm a talkative person). So that's about it I think. well if you want to learn more about me (which you don't. hehe) just ask out. I will try my best for the betterment and improvement of the new server I found love for. See you In game. 😉