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  1. Apparently you can edit your own thread or topic posts, but not when you do it on someone elses thread?
  2. Develon

    Resolution of Cash Shop Window

    May I add that there's no point in removing said button? You have an option on Alt+Y called /cashshop to remove the icon.
  3. I've been playing on/off for 15ish years, lets put that to use.
  4. Develon

    Develon desu

    Hello, I go by the nickname Develon, some might know me as Diogo(/Diego), my real life name. I've used a few different nicknames through the years, such as Nemasis, Toushi, Nagi, Guttling among others and played mostly on European/US East servers, on any kind of rates. I'm 25, from Portugal my hobbies lay around gaming, weebness, computer things and generally just chilling to music or staring at other people for no particular reason *cough*. Anyway, hope to meet most of you ingame and if you got any questions feel free to ask. ♿ Edit: -desu
  5. Develon

    Heyo yit here

    ^Confirmed weeb.