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  1. Zain

    The best Screenshot Event #1

    Hi, As the title implies, this event is all about taking a good screenshot 😄, so what are the details? The screenshot must be taken inside RightRO, not from an other server, and it must be nice. You can try to make it funny, or featuring our player vs monster content, or player vs player with your rivals, or maybe just chilling with friends, anything is really fine! Q: So, after you take the screenshot, what will happen? A: You need to post it in the Media (Video & Gifs & Screenshots) forum: https://therightroserver.com/forum/index.php?/forum/15-media-videos-gifs-screenshots/ then copy and paste your topic's link in this topic and write your character name in game that you wish to receive the participation reward Q: Reward? what reward? I'm interested now A: Your screenshot will now be checked and rated by me (don't ask on what basis precisely😆) The rating can range from 1/10 to 10/10 points 1 point = 10 Gold Coins 10/10 score will also get a bonus reward on top of the Gold Coins which is this nice box that contains a one random costume that's not anywhere else in the game. Q: Cool! Any last more information? A: You can participate up to 5 times/5 screenshots and in every time, you are free to use different accounts/characters, but remember you can only participate 5 times. Gifs are allowed too, but not necessary to reach a 10/10 score. The event duration is from now to the end of the month/31st January 2019 Feel free to ask any questions here I look forward to your nice screenshots
  2. Zain

    little request

    Hi Heartless, The command has been enabled. You can use it now! It works like this: @showmobs monsterName or monster_ID Cheers
  3. Hi, Currently some items descriptions (not many) are incorrect as has been reported, so please for the time being if you are unsure about a certain item's description, refer to ratemyserver.net pre-renewal database for the correct description. It is hard for us to locate the items with incorrect descriptions, so we need your help! (I know I can rely on our nice community 😄) All you need to do is to write a reply in this topic with item names that you think have wrong descriptions (only the names so it's easy for you) and at the end of every month we will fix all the reported descriptions and continue on doing that until all is neat and clean.
  4. Zain

    WoE Attendance

    Hi, In order for the War of Emperium to start, at least 2 guilds must confirm their attendance in this topic. The guilds representatives must write a reply in this topic and confirm that their guilds are going to show up at WoE Attendance Confirmation must be at least 1 day prior to WoE Time, and must be done every week, the current WoE Time is: Saturday SE from 14:00 to 15:00 Server Time Sunday FE from 14:00 to 15:00 Server Time If not enough guilds confirm their attendance, the WoE will just not start for that day and we will repeat the same process every week.
  5. This update is not a replacement for our monthly update in this month, we will still have our monthly update to process all your requests/reports from last month to now, and add new quests, costumes, and general more improvements. Update Summary: Battleground is now joined with ID <@joinbg Arena_ID>, so multiple BG modes can be played at the same time and you don't have to wait for the rotation and also to minimize the announcements - No more rotation announcements. Battleground minimum team members to start is set to 3 for all modes, except Triple Inferno, it's 2. Either it rolls decently or it doesn't roll. New Battleground Rankings System, you can view it in our Control Panel: https://cp.therightroserver.com/?module=bgstats&amp;action=index The Rankings System only calculates the match results during Happy Hours, so outside Happy Hours the match results are not calculated - You can practise without affecting your rank. The Rankings will reset every 3 months, and the top players will receive great rewards (The rewards are still to be decided, suggestions are welcome!) Added Restocking Ticket to the Battleground Shop for 10 badges, and @Restock command now restocks both the Usable items and Misc items like Blue Gemstones...etc. Fixed Sharp Shooting Skill Sanctuary Skill is temporarily disabled in WoE/BG maps until it's edited to heal only 1 on WoE/BG Targets in the coming update, for more information check: https://therightroserver.com/wiki/doku.php?id=woe_information Cards and equipments with custom adjustments now have the adjustments mentioned in their descriptions in game as requested so it's clearer. All the information in our wiki has been updated. Note that Fallen Bishop Hibram Card effect was not reduced and is not reduced, that's why it is not mentioned in our wiki. All your requests/reports will be processed in the soon to come update on the 31st of January.
  6. Update Summary: New Battlegrounds System - Details in our wiki: https://therightroserver.com/wiki/doku.php?id=battlegrounds Fire/Earth/Wind/Water Converters and Cursed Water now have custom status icons in the right so they are more convenient for you You do not lose ownership of Private MVP Rooms anymore when left empty for 5 minutes as before Updated Quick Refining: Now you can enjoy refining all your gears with just one click without clicking on next for every refine as before Fixed several reported minor skill bugs More Battlegrounds features and modes are coming in the end of the month update (the 31st of January) as mentioned in the wiki.
  7. Yittoo's feedback so far: fixing announcements. it spams reinforcements entering battle in bg while it shouldnt. (it only happens in rush/conquest i think, didn't notice on others) fixing global bg announcements, at current state everyone would @listenbg close it, It should announce when there is at least 1 person in queue waiting and battleground mode shift should happen once in 30~90 seconds if not (as i see right now not) emp and barricades(didnt test this one) should be plant protocol maybe "@go bg" and "@go battleground" would take you to bg main area (a feature i saw in another server before) adding a protocol that you can not @joinbg after first 3-5 minutes so that people can not abuse last minute entering blocking duals as final fix this erundek(catalog npc) is horrible what we had earlier as a shop was way better we should bring him back if possible we should (maybe in future) have conquest or rush trigger on 3v3, else full tank classes will be way to go in bg. eye of storm capture time takes ages(like 50seconds - should be more like 15) also point income is too low for it to be brief and fun should be up 1.5 times. cash shop button is right above scoreboard, if possible maybe hide the cashshop button in bg maps? or change it's location? restock tickets from bg if woe is not happening on a woe day, bg should have happy hour 2x on that time for 1 hour maybe(making it too long might kill the bg during the week period) random times in server bg should have happy hour like 2 or 3 times a day for 1 hour long. considering changing player's speed to +%50 and make it fix on that (except for agi down maybe both works.), this has 1upside 1 downside. 1st is newbies who do not have movement gear will be able to match others, downside is people wont need to sacrifice in order to get movement speed. So gray area here. if we are adding guarana candy we should make sure animation cancel on it has to be removed (else stuff like 10sharpshoot a sec or even worse 10 sonic blows a sec can be possible with scripts) either disable team deathmatch or reduce the kill count to 10-20 domination capture time is 50 seconds, maybe it should be less aswell (since it has 3 flags unlike eye of storm the income from flags are okay i think.) right now the time spent inside bg is not considered for badges won bossnia guardian locations are not shown - i couldnt even find where guardian is walked around alot but didn't see any. healer/repair/buffer npc in each bg dead waiting room (i saw some have it but bossnia does not) in conquest the guardian stones are plant protocol but has original hp i think(since stones won't break i couldnt test barricades or emp) same a team deathmatch; tripple inferno's 80 kill count is too many maybe 20-30 is more appropriate tripple inferno's scoreboard is wrong has 2 teams in it. Can't devo team member Zain Edit: Everything has been processed and done
  8. We are currently testing the new battlegrounds as suggested by "lkjewq" on Discord: It is scheduled to be added to the main server on the 10th of January. This is the wiki of what we got so far: https://therightroserver.com/wiki/doku.php?id=battlegrounds (It is still being updated) You are more than welcome to join us on the test server and test with us:
  9. Hi Everyone! As you have noticed in the Server Select window: Now we have a Testing Server that will be online only when needed (it will be announced on Discord when on/off) Its main purpose is to allow the community to test future updates and improve them with sharing opinions and suggestions before adding the updates to the main server, but of course you can use it for any other purpose! In order to make your testing convenient these are some available commands: @blvl 99 : levels your character to the max level @jlvl 70 : levels your character to the max job level @allskill : opens all skills available for your class @item ID : Creates any item directly in your inventory @refine 0 10 : Refines all your equipped equipments to +10 @zeny 999999999 : Gives you any amount of Zeny you want You can login with the same login information of the main server. If you don't see the new server select option, you just need to run the new patcher which should be in your RO Folder:
  10. Zain

    Guess I'm the first?

    Hi Mike! Yes you are 😄 Welcome into our small but growing community. If you have any questions or need any help, don't hestitate to contact me either on forum or discord. I hope you enjoy your stay with us
  11. Zain

    December 27th 2018 Update

    Update Summary New Prontera Map. City Guide NPC to help you find NPCs around new Prontera. PK Shop is now opened through the PVP Warper. New Costumes on PK Shop. New PVP Map: Warehouse. New Instance: Night City. Private MVP Rooms now have a new custom map to feel more original. Memory of Thanatos added to Private MVP Rooms. Zombie Massacre Instance Updated: monsters HP is lowered and 50 speed potions are added to the rewards. Trivia Instance Updated: Monsters in Trivia 3 have been remarkably decreased so it's more convenient. Enchant Armor NPC talk is minimized and the enchanting progress bar is now much quickier. Slot Enchanters NPCs (Seiyablem and Leablem) talk is minimized. Alice's Nightmare Instance Updated: The final boss now drops 2 bloody branch boxes (10pcs). Lord Knight, 3rd job sprite dragon mount is fixed. WOW Battleground points to win have been decreased from 30 to 12 and the rewards increased from 6 to 9. WOE on Saturday is set to SE. Emperium is changed to plant protocol with 200 HP (40 seconds to break with 190aspd, 20 seconds with double daggers assassin). Nydhoggur's Shadow Instance 4 hours cooldown is removed as well. Oridecon and Elunium weight is now set to 1 to make refining more convenient. Cursed Water added to Tool Dealer as requested. New Quests Costumes and 1 requested Upper Headgear added. New Costumes on the Lucky Machine and Cashshop. Several minor fixes and improvements to make your gaming experience more convenient.
  12. Update Summary Christmas Town Themes added - will only remain during christmas. Towns affected: Prontera Geffen Izlude Alberta Hugel New Instance: Elemental Randgris - Rewards: Fire/Water/Earth/Wind Essenses (Requirements for Genetic Liyah Quests near the entrance), MVP Card Album, Bloody Branch Box(10pcs), Excalibur, Mail Breaker, Executioner, Swordbreaker. Instance Walkthrough Genetic Liyah Quests are (All of them only work vs monsters😞 Sleipnir, Megingard, Mjolnir, Brisingamen, Brynhild, Asprika - Quests Requirements Sheet made by Yittoo. Lucky Machine added in the Market Place. Each play costs 250 Gold Coin. You can get a lot of prizes and they are updated at the end of every month with every monthly update. For the list of current prizes talk to the NPC in The Market Place map through the warper. @restock command added. When your usable items are used it will restock them from storage, how it works: @restock itemID itemID itemID... - The command costs 1 Mithirl Coin. Trivia Instance has became easier: reduced summoned monsters in level 2, and made the fail chances in level 3 unlimited. New Costumes added to the Cash Shop - Every month from now on new costumes will be added and old costumes may be removed from the cash shop and the lucky machine. In the cash shop, the Limited Tab = will be removed next update. Now you can save your stats and switch them with only one click for FREE. The service is added to the stats resetter NPC in Prontera. Top PVP Ranking system now only works inside pvp maps to prevent cheating. Basic NPCs have been added to all towns and @go coordinates have been adjusted accordingly so every town is now ready to become your base. Korean Race Cake and Light Blue Potion prices on the Tool Dealer have been increased by 3x - Alternatively you can get 1000pcs of supplies for only 10 BattleGround badges from the BattleGround Shop. Santa Claus Quests Event in Prontera: You need to help Santa to make cool costumes as rewards - The Event will end on 10th January, you will keep the costumes but the NPC will disappear. Red Stocking and Christmas Hat requirements are dropped by Santa Poring in Prontera. During the Event, there are always 5 Santa Porings roaming in Prontera. Nydhogger's Shadow Instance 4 hour cooldown is removed. Dualing Client in Auto Events Maps has been disabled. New Market Place Map - Lucky Machine NPC, Coin Exchanger NPC and PoD Exchanger NPC have been moved from Prontera to the New Market Place Map. You can get there through the warper. Odin Mask Costume added to the Quests NPC as requested by a player. and several minor fixes, adjustments done to make your gaming experience smoother.
  13. Zain

    November 30th 2018 Update

    Update Summary 3 new instances: Trivia Instance (SOLO INSTANCE) - Rewards: Random 1x Undroppable Pet Taming Item, Random 1x Undroppable Pet Accessory, 1 Mithril Coin. Instance Walkthrough. The list of obtainable pets: Wicked Nymph Hard Rice Cake Marionette Civil Servant Whisper Flail goblin Miyabi Doll Incubus Hammer Goblin Nightmare Terror Red Deleter Knife Goblin Shinobi Dullahan Golem Stone Shooter Diabolic Bacsojin Medusa Goblin Leader Christmas Goblin Leaf Cat Wanderer Loli Ruri - Loli Ruri taming item is no longer in the cash shop, it is obtainable only from trivia instance Thanks to Yitto for assistance with these Zombie Massacre Instance (PARTY INSTANCE) - Rewards: 20x Mega Resist Potion, 5x Ashes of Darkness, 30x Gold Coins. Instance Walkthrough Wolfchev Mini Laboratory (PARTY INSTANCE) - Rewards: One random card of these: Beelzebub, Memory of Thanatos, MasterSmith, Lord Knight, High Wizard, Assassin Cross, High Priest, Sniper card(ALL MVPS), plus 500 Gold Coin. Instance Walkthrough Endless Tower Instance CoolDown is removed. Suggested by xTinker You can now have different characters of the same account in party. Suggested by Kash Party Members limit increased to 18 from 12. Suggested by Desu BattleGround shop now has Rice Cake Supply Box(1000pcs) for 10 badges and Light Blue Potion Supply Box(1000pcs) for 5 badges. BattleGround badges can be traded and sold. Suggested by Derekjohnlee BowlingBash Skill Gutter Lines are removed, it doesn't need them to double hit. Suggested by xTinker PK Points are now account based instead of individual character, so you can pvp in different characters in the same account and have all your PK Points together. Suggested by Ryushou Commands added as requested: @die, @storeall, @autoloottype. Character deletion is fixed, the confirmation password is your account's email. Reported by Doofus and others Added record/replay button to the client. All headgear quests requests on Discord have been added to the quests NPC: Decorative Geographer Brazil National Flag Hat Tongue Mask Duneyrr Helm Costume Iron Cain Well-Chewed Pencil script is fixed, now it adds 2 dex. The stylist now lists the current palette number. Suggested by Kimmy Raggler Card, Myst Case Card, Baby Leopard Card, Zipper Bear Card & Hylozoist Card combo to drop Old Purple Boxes is fixed. Reported by Kash Defender & Acid Demonstration Bug is fixed. Reported by Yittoo and Chael
  14. Zain

    October 29th 2018 Update

    Update Summary All MVP cards now have full effects against monsters including Golden Thief Bug and Memory of Thanatos Cards. Memoroy of Thanatos Card is now droppable. Assassin Spirit (Sinx Link) is disabled in PVP. Emperium Test Room with rankings. A more convenient Damage Testing Zone instead of the Punshing Bag. New Valkyrie Shield costume sprite obtained from "Angry Kid" beside Bridge Ambush NPC (Same shield just with a costume cute sprite). New Elite MVP Challenge Level (Level 3) with bio3 mvps (From level 20 to 25 the chance of summoning a bio3 MVP is 100%). New MVP Killers Ranking NPC with a monthly reward of large amounts of Zeny to the top 3 every month. Alice's nightmare side quest now gives up to 15 bloody branches in one go. Pori Pori is summonable in the Rented MVP Rooms and Pori Pori's armors can be exchanged to their slotted versions in the quests NPC (Equipments). MVP Rooms Rent Time is increased from 60 minutes to 120 minutes for the same price. New PVP Maps added and they are changed every 30 minutes in the PVP Warper. Izlude PVP Airchip problem is fixed. New Items in the Tool Dealer as requested in Discord (Condensed White Potions - Abrasive - Panacea). New Headgears Quests as requested (Skull Cap - Anubis Helm - Love China - Parade Hat - Crown of Deceit - Costume Helm - Costume Takius Blindfold - Costume Large Ribbon Muffler) and a lot of other minor requests/fixes done that are self explanatory in game to make your gaming experience smoother.
  15. Zain

    September 30th 2018 Update

    Update Summary New custom skill icons (in the right of the screen) to make your game experience better and easier Emergency Call Cooldown Pneuma Bragi Don't forget me Assassin of the Sunset Apple of the idun New Battleground mode: World of Warcraft Battleground - Wiki Glorious equipments added to the battleground shop Sealed Shrine instance activated and Cursed Doll is in Gigantic Bapho Horns quest requirements New Instance added to replace Infinite Space: Bridge Ambush - Rewards: Slotted Sunglasses + Valkyrie and Valkyrie Randgris drops - Wiki Nidhoggur's Nest Instance cool down removed Elite MVP Challenge Instance: Increased high tier monsters spawn rate in Level 2 (only the last 10 monsters/20) 67 new quest added most of have been requested on Discord Emperium breakers and enemy kills during WoE are now map announced-- and a lot more similar minor improvements, fixes and requests done. Some Screenshots