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  1. Zain

    character deletion

    Hi @gamerdad Enter the deletion password like this: YYMMDD for example 1990/11/28 = 901128
  2. Sure! They have been added.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion @derekjohnlee but I think the instance's difficulty with the random spawn location is just fine.
  4. Zain

    2019 March Monthly Update

    Update Summary: Increased Hocus Pocus skill chance of summoning MVPs dramatically. Requested by xVoices. Bridge Ambush Instance Rewards have been changed to: 50x Guarana Candy 50x Sesame Pastry 50x Honey Pastry 50x HaloHalo Slotted Sunglasses is now obtained from the quests NPC (Soloable, so you don't need a party to get it from the instance as before). Gold Coins Reward in Zombie Massacre Instance has been increased from 10 to 50 and Mega Resist Potion from 10 to 50 and Speed Potion from 50 to 200. Battleground Badges are now tradabale. Requested quests added: RTC First Place Hat Archangeling Hat Charming Ribbon Darkness Helm Slotted Sunglasses Beach Manteau Beach Sandals
  5. Zain


    Hi @yangjittung There was a server restart to fix a small issue. Those merchants belong to a player with the character name: LonelyZai You can reach out to him on Discord if you're interested in his shops.
  6. Zain

    New player, a little lost

    Hi and welcome to the server There are no custom shops to buy weapons and armors. You need to get them from monsters, just look for the armors & weapons you want on ratemyserver database and see which monsters drop them and go hunt them. I hope this helps, you're welcome to ask any further questions.
  7. Zain

    Skill Not Working

    Alright then, it will be fixed asap. Thank you for reporting it. You can use @allskill command to open all your skills.
  8. Zain

    Skill Not Working

    You're right! Potion Pitcher and Call Homunculus only work with Potions and Embryo from the store, it doesn't work with created ones. I will look into that and if it is a bug, I will fix it. For now, you can buy Embryos from the Tool Dealer NPC:
  9. Zain

    Skill Not Working

    Thank you very much for taking the time to report this, Jade. I just logged in, made an alchemist and tested both "Potion Pitcher" and "Summon Homunculus" and they both worked fine with no problems. Can you please share the name of the character that you had the bug with? Thanks!
  10. Zain

    Deletion Password failed

    Hi @win smith Enter the deletion password like this: YYMMDD for example 1990/11/28 = 901128
  11. Zain

    New player having connection issues

    Hi Asamitsu, Make sure you are not running any other RO server already. You must close all other ROs before opening RightRO. If you have indeed downloaded the fullclient and you are not running any other RO already, maybe all you need to do is to restart your router and try loggin-in again as I doubt it's a firewall issue.
  12. Update Summary: Introducing Seasonal Updates: 2019 Valentine Seasonal Update: Added ShoopShop Costume to PVP Shop. Added Mini Golden Wings to the costume headgears Cash Shop.
  13. Zain

    Seasonal Updates

    Seasonal Updates What is a Seasonal Update? A Seasonal Update is just like a normal update, except that it is not permanent in the game, the content will be available in game only temporarily. How about the rewards I get by playing the Seasonal Updates? You can keep all the rewards you get even after the Seasonal Updates end. You just can't play them again. What Seasonal Updates do we currently have? We are starting with Valentine Update, you can find all the update details here: Feel free to request any future seasonal updates for your local holidays or whatever. I will do my best to make it happen.
  14. 2019 Valentine Seasonal Update: Started: 2019 February 14th Ending: Once the next seasonal update comes. More details about Seasonal Updates: Valentine Season 2019 Walk-through: You talk to Diogo and he tells you that there are several people around that need help and asks you to help them starting with Rita, and points her location in the minimap for you When you talk to Rita She asks you to deliver some Poring Dolls to a friend and once you agree, you will have the dolls on your back and she will point the location for you in the minimap You arrive at the location and talk to Juan who's been waiting He takes the dolls and reward you with a Costume Love Cheeks for delivering them and asks for help himself too If you agree, he will give you an umbrella that you need to deliver to Julia and points her location for you in the minimap You talk to Julia She takes the umbrella and rewards you with a Costume Lea for delivering it to her and asks you for help too, once you agree you will have a fan toy that you need to deliver to an orphan kid as a gift from Julia in the location she points for you in your minimap When you arrive to the location, you talk to the orphan kid and deliver the fan toy The kid then rewards you with a Red Heart Cap for delivering it to him and tells you about Derek and how he always creates things for him He points you to Derek's location to create stuff for you too since you are his friend now! You go to Derek and he tells that you came just on time to help him get some items The first items you need to get are 100x Black Cat Dolls When you get them, he will reward you with a Bunny Hat Costume The second items you need to bring are 100x Flame Heart and when you get them, he rewards you with a Minstrel Red Costume The final items you need to get are 100x Ice Hearts or Glacial Hearts When you get them, he will reward you with a Red Avian Wings Costume and tells you about the Old Widowed Man and points his location for you in the minimap You talk to The Widowed Old Man and he asks you to play riddles with him If you agree, he will tell you the first one and you need to answer it correctly to get to the next If you answer it correctly, he will reward you with 25x Gold Coins and tells you the next riddle If you answer it again correctly, he will give you 25x Gold Coins again and tell you the next riddle which is slightly harder than the previous two If you answer it correctly, he will give you 50x Gold Coins Now after he played with you He tells you to go and catch Diogo up to create costumes for you before he leaves town You go back to Diogo and he offers to create costumes for you if you bring him the ingredients The costumes list: and you still have to make all these quests costumes to finish playing all the content.
  15. Zain


    Hi Luca, try to redownload the liteclient and extract it in your game folder, let me know if it doesn't work.