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  1. Zain

    Skill Not Working

    Alright then, it will be fixed asap. Thank you for reporting it. You can use @allskill command to open all your skills.
  2. Zain

    Skill Not Working

    You're right! Potion Pitcher and Call Homunculus only work with Potions and Embryo from the store, it doesn't work with created ones. I will look into that and if it is a bug, I will fix it. For now, you can buy Embryos from the Tool Dealer NPC:
  3. Zain

    Skill Not Working

    Thank you very much for taking the time to report this, Jade. I just logged in, made an alchemist and tested both "Potion Pitcher" and "Summon Homunculus" and they both worked fine with no problems. Can you please share the name of the character that you had the bug with? Thanks!
  4. Zain

    Deletion Password failed

    Hi @win smith Enter the deletion password like this: YYMMDD for example 1990/11/28 = 901128
  5. Zain

    New player having connection issues

    Hi Asamitsu, Make sure you are not running any other RO server already. You must close all other ROs before opening RightRO. If you have indeed downloaded the fullclient and you are not running any other RO already, maybe all you need to do is to restart your router and try loggin-in again as I doubt it's a firewall issue.
  6. Update Summary: Introducing Seasonal Updates: 2019 Valentine Seasonal Update: Added ShoopShop Costume to PVP Shop. Added Mini Golden Wings to the costume headgears Cash Shop.
  7. Zain

    Seasonal Updates

    Seasonal Updates What is a Seasonal Update? A Seasonal Update is just like a normal update, except that it is not permanent in the game, the content will be available in game only temporarily. How about the rewards I get by playing the Seasonal Updates? You can keep all the rewards you get even after the Seasonal Updates end. You just can't play them again. What Seasonal Updates do we currently have? We are starting with Valentine Update, you can find all the update details here: Feel free to request any future seasonal updates for your local holidays or whatever. I will do my best to make it happen.
  8. 2019 Valentine Seasonal Update: Started: 2019 February 14th Ending: Once we start the next different seasonal update (Yet to be decided). More details about Seasonal Updates: Valentine Season 2019 Walk-through: You talk to Diogo and he tells you that there are several people around that need help and asks you to help them starting with Rita, and points her location in the minimap for you When you talk to Rita She asks you to deliver some Poring Dolls to a friend and once you agree, you will have the dolls on your back and she will point the location for you in the minimap You arrive at the location and talk to Juan who's been waiting He takes the dolls and reward you with a Costume Love Cheeks for delivering them and asks for help himself too If you agree, he will give you an umbrella that you need to deliver to Julia and points her location for you in the minimap You talk to Julia She takes the umbrella and rewards you with a Costume Lea for delivering it to her and asks you for help too, once you agree you will have a fan toy that you need to deliver to an orphan kid as a gift from Julia in the location she points for you in your minimap When you arrive to the location, you talk to the orphan kid and deliver the fan toy The kid then rewards you with a Red Heart Cap for delivering it to him and tells you about Derek and how he always creates things for him He points you to Derek's location to create stuff for you too since you are his friend now! You go to Derek and he tells that you came just on time to help him get some items The first items you need to get are 100x Black Cat Dolls When you get them, he will reward you with a Bunny Hat Costume The second items you need to bring are 100x Flame Heart and when you get them, he rewards you with a Minstrel Red Costume The final items you need to get are 100x Ice Hearts or Glacial Hearts When you get them, he will reward you with a Red Avian Wings Costume and tells you about the Old Widowed Man and points his location for you in the minimap You talk to The Widowed Old Man and he asks you to play riddles with him If you agree, he will tell you the first one and you need to answer it correctly to get to the next If you answer it correctly, he will reward you with 25x Gold Coins and tells you the next riddle If you answer it again correctly, he will give you 25x Gold Coins again and tell you the next riddle which is slightly harder than the previous two If you answer it correctly, he will give you 50x Gold Coins Now after he played with you He tells you to go and catch Diogo up to create costumes for you before he leaves town You go back to Diogo and he offers to create costumes for you if you bring him the ingredients The costumes list: and you still have to make all these quests costumes to finish playing all the content.
  9. Zain


    Hi Luca, try to redownload the liteclient and extract it in your game folder, let me know if it doesn't work.
  10. Zain


    Hi @Luca Blight The server is running fine and there was no downtime. Probably all you need to do is run the patcher. Make sure it's as an administrator and if the problem persists let me know.
  11. Zain

    Items Descriptions

    Thank you @AegranonThey will be fixed in the end of month coming update
  12. Zain

    War of Emperium Information

    War of Emperium Information Time WoE Time: Saturdays from 14:00 to 15:00 UTC Time Guilds need to confirm their attendance 1 day prior to WoE Time on our forums, more information can be found here: Targets Emperium: 200HP, no skills allowed Barricades: 100HP, skills allowed Guardian Stones: 200HP, skills allowed Sanctuary Skill is disabled in WoE and Battleground (Will be enabled after it's edited to heal only 1 on WoE and BG Targets) Rewards After The War of Emperium ends, the winner guild masters can retrieve 1x “Castle Treasure Box” for each castle from the “Castle Treasurer” NPC that is located inside each castle. The “Castle Treasure Box” contains the following items: MvP Voucher x 50 (Can be used in Private MVP Rooms) Bloody Branches x 50 Mystical Card Album x 100 Enriched Elunium x 25 Enriched Oridecon x 25 Token of Siegfried x 100 Gold x 1000 If your guild conquers a castle and you helped in doing so, you need to ask your guild master to give you your fair share of the rewards.
  13. Zain

    Server Rules

    To encourage you to learn of the rules and abide by them we have put them here as shortly and as clear as possible, please read them carefully: Botting is NOT allowed! and is only answered with permanent account ban Repetitive botting will result to permanent bans to all accounts that belong to the same player, even the accounts that did not bot. AFK farming with homunculus is okay, as long as no 3rd party software is involved, it is part of the game, right? Monsters are free for all, including summonable mvps like Ktullanux and Memory of Thanatos or monsters summoned by Bloody Branches. If you want privacy, alone, with your party, or with your guild, you can rent private mvp rooms, you can find more information about that here: To ensure your loots safety, these commands are enabled: @autoloot, @alootid, @autoloottype Automated Events and Battlegrounds account dualing is NOT okay. We have already took measures to prevent that, but if a player manages to find a way around and abuse them, such abuse will be answered with permanent accounts ban. Repetitive AFKing in Battlegrounds is also NOT okay. Exploitable bugs should be reported immediately and privately to GMs either in the forums or in Discord. If we find that you have been exploiting bugs, all your accounts are going to be permanently banned. Account sharing is done at your own risk and you are fully responsible for the actions taken by whom you're sharing your account with. This also includes lending items and zeny to other players, it is all done at your own risk. 3rd Party Softwares are both okay and NOT okay depending on the advantage gained. Generally softwares that surpass the client limits are NOT okay, examples for that are softwares that detect hidden players or cast skills with no client delay… In the contrary, softwares that don't surpass such limits and just make the gameplay more convenient are generally okay. You can find a list of such softwares, shared by Yittoo, in here: Player Harassments are answered with immediate permanent accounts ban. A valid harassment is anything that's said or done solely out of hate and malice, an example for this is producing and rumouring lies about a player to damage their image in the server. In the opposite, stating facts or sharing opinions, even if negative, for example saying: “I think you are a noob, You're a jerk, Go learn how to play!, I think you are a cheater....etc” is being mean, being stupid maybe, but not truly insulting. If you feel offended or annoyed, you still have the option to ignore or mute with the command /ex playerName. When a player harasses you, the best course of action you can take is not to respond back, but take screenshots and send them privately to any GM either in forums or in Discord and enjoy watching the ban hammer fall on them. Please note that our Server Rules are not limited to what's in here, just because something is not stated, it does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense, any action that hurts an other is NOT okay and it shall result in punishment nevertheless. Last Updated: January 2019
  14. Instance Information: Zombie Massacre Instance is a small/fun instance with medium difficulty. Instance Reward: 20x Mega Resist Potion 5x Ashes of Darkness (used to re-enter Endless Tower) 10x Gold Coins 50x Speed Potion If any party member gets bitten (dies) the instance will fail and immediately get destroyed. Instance WalkThrough: Start the instance by volunteering to patrol Prontera for the night Once you enter, you notice a chain of unusualties until you see something far in the direction you're looking at and you ask yourself: What's that? Soon you realize it's zombies! and they are coming to the center of Prontera So now it's time to mercy every one of them I crowded these while making this walk through x), a bunch of level 99 zombies, oh boy! After you have mercied all the zombies the virus source will appear in center Prontera, you have to go there at once! Dead, GM Test char is OP x) Once you have defeated the virus source, the King of Prontera will come to thank you and reward you with a Zombie Massacre Instance Reward Box
  15. Zain

    Trivia Instance Walk-through

    Instance Information: Trivia is a solo instance that consists of 4 fun stages that you need to pass in order to complete the instance and receive a Trivia Instance Reward Box. The reward box contains: 1 Mithril Coin (5m Zeny) Random 1x Undroppable Pet Taming Item Random 1x Undroppable Pet Accessory The list of pets is: Wicked Nymph Hard Rice Cake Marionette Civil Servant Whisper Flail goblin Miyabi Doll Incubus Hammer Goblin Nightmare Terror Red Deleter Knife Goblin Shinobi Dullahan Golem Stone Shooter Diabolic Bacsojin Medusa Goblin Leader Christmas Goblin Leaf Cat Wanderer Loli Ruri Instance WalkThrough: Start the instance in the Instance Dimension Gate Trivia 1: you need to defeat all 4 cosmos guardians Click on each of them to summon them picture 2 picture 3 and you need to defeat them to move the next trivia Trivia 2: after you complete trivia 1, you are teleported to this map where you need to find the correct path of light - there are several and correct is random, failure to find the correct one will result in summoning monsters in map, or poison/stone status, or even end of the instance. path of light picture Trivia 3: after you complete trivia 2, you are teleported to this map where you need to find the correct 5 monsters among hundreds of fake ones - you can use skills and there is no fail chance limit picture 2 Trivia 4: after you complete trivia 3, you are teleported to this map where you will fight your close that's of equal power to you picture 2 picture 3 and finally after completing all trivias, you receive your completion reward box picture 2