November 30th 2018

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November 30th 2018

Post by GM Zain » Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:14 am

Update Summary

  • 3 new instances:
    • Trivia Instance (SOLO INSTANCE) - Rewards: Random 1x Undroppable Pet Taming Item, Random 1x Undroppable Pet Accessory, 1 Mithril Coin. WIKI WALK THROUGH. The list of obtainable pets:
      • Wicked Nymph
      • Hard Rice Cake
      • Marionette
      • Civil Servant
      • Whisper
      • Flail goblin
      • Miyabi Doll
      • Incubus
      • Hammer Goblin
      • Nightmare Terror
      • Red Deleter
      • Knife Goblin
      • Shinobi
      • Dullahan
      • Golem
      • Stone Shooter
      • Diabolic
      • Bacsojin
      • Medusa
      • Goblin Leader
      • Christmas Goblin
      • Leaf Cat
      • Wanderer
      • Loli Ruri - Loli Ruri taming item is no longer in the cash shop, it is obtainable only from trivia instance
      • Thanks to Yitto for assistance with these
    • Zombie Massacre Instance (PARTY INSTANCE) - Rewards: 20x Mega Resist Potion, 5x Ashes of Darkness, 30x Gold Coins. WIKI WALK THROUGH
    • Wolfchev Mini Laboratory (PARTY INSTANCE) - Rewards: One random card of these: Beelzebub, Memory of Thanatos, MasterSmith, Lord Knight, High Wizard, Assassin Cross, High Priest, Sniper card(ALL MVPS), plus 500 Gold Coin. WIKI WALK THROUGH
  • Endless Tower Instance CoolDown is removed. Suggested by xTinker
  • You can now have different characters of the same account in party. Suggested by Kash
  • Party Members limit increased to 18 from 12. Suggested by Desu
  • BattleGround shop now has Rice Cake Supply Box(1000pcs) for 10 badges and Light Blue Potion Supply Box(1000pcs) for 5 badges.
  • BattleGround badges can be traded and sold. Suggested by Derekjohnlee
  • BowlingBash Skill Gutter Lines are removed, it doesn't need them to double hit. Suggested by xTinker
  • PK Points are now account based instead of individual character, so you can pvp in different characters in the same account and have all your PK Points together. Suggested by Ryushou
  • Commands added as requested: @die, @storeall, @autoloottype.
  • Character deletion is fixed, the confirmation password is your account's email. Reported by Doofus and others
  • Added record/replay button to the client.
  • All headgear quests requests on Discord have been added to the quests NPC:
    • Decorative Geographer
    • Brazil National Flag Hat
    • Tongue Mask
    • Duneyrr Helm
    • Costume Iron Cain
  • Well-Chewed Pencil script is fixed, now it adds 2 dex.
  • The stylist now lists the current palette number. Suggested by Kimmy
  • Raggler Card, Myst Case Card, Baby Leopard Card, Zipper Bear Card & Hylozoist Card combo to drop Old Purple Boxes is fixed. Reported by Kash
  • Defender & Acid Demonstration Bug is fixed. Reported by Yittoo and Chael
Left to be included in December's update: (I may do this in the next few days, but if not, definitely will be included in December's update)

  • Basic NPCs neatly in all towns
  • @storeinv command

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